Ultrasound Magic 3D Keyring


Capture the moment in time when your baby is growing in the womb. Make that extra special occasion come to life with a truly unique 3D printed ultrasound keepsakes!

Share your ultrasound and we will send you a Magic 3D printed keyring of your ultrasound. It doesn’t need to be an original scan, a high-quality photo of it will suffice.

Upload photo for your 3Dmoment

Alternatively, email your image to 3Dmoments.ie@gmail.com along with your order number.

We value your privacy, all photo’s will be kept confidential and will be deleted after they have been 3D printed.

Additional Info

Size: 5cm on longest side

*PomPom Not Included

Note: All 3Dmoments products are made just for you so orders may take 7 days before shipping.

About 3Dmoments

We believe in bringing your most prized memories to life so that you can always cherish those special moments forever. Imagine a gift that is both mesmerizing, personal and that no one else has.⁠

A gift that combines a beautiful memory, a magical moment and then we sprinkle it with some incredible technology to make it a 3Dmoment.⁠

If you’re looking for unique gifts made in Ireland, 3Dmoments are the perfect personalised photo gifts for all the special moments in your life: birthdays, weddings, first holy communion, anniversaries, christenings, baby showers, graduations and the list goes on.

We believe special moments should be for every day, a 3Dmoment is a creative way to say “I love you” and “I’m thinking of you” so create new memories with 3Dmoments. 

All 3Dmoments personalised photo gifts are designed and made in Kerry, Ireland.