Magic 3D Heart Photo Ornament


Turn your favourite photo into Personalised Magic 3D Photo Ornament

Our 3D Photo Ornaments work like magic, we create a 3D relief of your photo and print it using the latest in 3Dprinting technology. When you put it up on your tree it will catch light from christmas lights to reveal your photo. For best results/effect the room should be dark. 

The 3D Photo ornament comes with a ribbon loop for hanging on the Christmas tree.

Our Magic 3D Photo Ornament  make wonderful gifts for your friends and loved ones.

We can turn any photo into a Magic 3D Christmas Ornament , but close-ups photos like selfies work best.


In stock

In stock

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Additional Info

Size: 7.5cm on the longest side.

Picking the perfect photo for your Magic 3D Photo Ornament:

The photo should be of as good quality as possible, not burry
Close up photos and selfies look best on our Magic 3D Photo Ornament
There should not be any strong shadows on the photo, especially on faces.

Note: All 3Dmoments products are made just for you so orders may take 7 days before shipping.

About 3Dmoments

We believe in bringing your most prized memories to life so that you can always cherish those special moments forever. Imagine a gift that is both mesmerizing, personal and that no one else has.⁠

A gift that combines a beautiful memory, a magical moment and then we sprinkle it with some incredible technology to make it a 3Dmoment.⁠

If you’re looking for unique gifts made in Ireland, 3Dmoments are the perfect personalised photo gifts for all the special moments in your life: birthdays, weddings, first holy communion, anniversaries, christenings, baby showers, graduations and the list goes on.

We believe special moments should be for every day, a 3Dmoment is a creative way to say “I love you” and “I’m thinking of you” so create new memories with 3Dmoments. 

All 3Dmoments personalised photo gifts are designed and made in Kerry, Ireland.