Introducing Our New Website!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new and improved website! 

3Dmoments Website

The main aim of our new website was to help our customers and potential customers discover 3Dmoments. Our website has a sleek modern design to reflect our products and is also user-friendly and more accessible. 

We are most excited that our website now allows you to upload your photo with your order!! No more emailing us after (although this is still an option too). This will make it easier and faster for you to place your order with us while also helping us keep better track of orders and therefore get your orders 3D printed and posted out to you faster than before.

We have also added in some more detail about our process so if you’re interested in seeing how we take your photo and turn it into a 3Dmoment you can.

Our chat feature is now integrated with Facebook so you will get a notification if you have the messenger app on your phone and see our reply instantly, no need to check your email for our response.

We will be starting a blog soon and it will show you behind the scenes of 3Dmoments, introducing 3Dprinting technology, our design process and manufacturing process. 

Along with the updated website design, we have also added a few brand new products and added variations to existing products.

So although our website has changed a lot – We kept the .ie in our website name, to emphasise we are based in Ireland and all our products are designed and 3Dprinted in Ireland with pride and love.

Take a look at around our website and discover the magic of 

To celebrate the launch we are offering free shipping (in the Republic of Ireland only) and 10% off all orders for the whole month of June 2021 use code SAVE10 at checkout.